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About DCF

What is Team DCF?

DCF is a professional gaming organization. The owner of Team DCF is Daniel ‘’DCF Nevu’’, who started the team in July 2021. Currently, DCF is competing in Fortnite. Our focus will always be the community first! We want all of you to feel how amazing the DCF family is! We are always striving for better results.

How do I join Team DCF?

At this moment in time, Team DCF is recruiting streamers, content creators, players, editors, and designers. Do you want to learn more about how to get recruited and what we are looking for? Make sure to join our discord server if you would like to join Team DCF! Make sure you post consistently and use #DCF and #DCF on tiktok !

What games are we competing in?

We are currently only competing in the game Fortnite. We are planning to expand our team in more games soon!

How do I get noticed by Team DCF?

It's not hard to get noticed by Team DCF! There are a few things you can do in order to get noticed sooner, our advice would be to interact with our community, players and try to make new friends in the DCF community. If you want to get noticed by the owner of DCF then you can always stop at our discord server. We are recruiting members every week and this is an opportunity for our community to get noticed by ItsMon3y or Nevu since he is the one that is deciding the players. 

What socials does Team DCF use?

Team DCF is active on Tiktok, Instagram, Twitter! We also have our own community discord for you to interact with us and the community! Here we will be hosting a lot of events.

DCF Discord: https://discord.gg/rvDPT96QaS


Created on January 25, 2022

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