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About 7ost Crew

7ost Crew [7C] is your premier multi-platform gaming sanctuary. Established April 20th 2023, our goal is to bring players from across the seven seas together to enjoy their passion for video-games, companionship, and competition. Our virtual community requires all members be at-least 18 years old, have a working microphone, and be willing to pledge their allegiance to the 7C organization.

Membership Benefits

Community Game Nights

Community Social Nights

Community Meetings

Community Tournaments

Leadership Development

Active Stream Team

Interactive Rank Structure


Membership Requirements

Must be 18+

Must have a headset

Must respect others

Agree to our Code of Honor []

Code of Honor []

1.) All 7ost Crew members are expected to read and follow the 7C Code of Conduct, 7C Policies, and must uphold the Code of Honor at all times.

2.) Members must respect other gamers; this includes members and nonmembers. This includes, but is not limited to, discrimination based on race, age, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, or any other personal interest, or investment. Other forms of unacceptable conduct include but are not limited to, team killing, griefing, and flaming of any kind. All members are entitled to a professional level of fairness and this is strictly enforced.

3.) Never leave a fellow 7C affiliated member behind. Do not leave a game with fellow members because you are losing or not playing well. This is considered “leaving a man behind” and Includes meetings, game nights, tournaments, etc.

4.) We DO NOT condone coaxing a member from another clan or community, for ranks/or from other communities/clans. If people wish to leave we encourage their own path of happiness. This includes fellow members of the 7C affiliates, for recruitment purposes is strictly prohibited. Additionally, recruits may not be recruited into an 7C affiliate within 30 days of previous membership of any gamer community or clan. “NOTE: offerings or promises for membership participation is considered “Profit to stay” and is also strictly prohibited”

5.) 7C members take pride in their membership inside its affiliated community, and are encouraged, (but not required) to change their in-game Alias (Gamertag) to reflect an 7C. Your community affiliation must always be in caps at the back of your alias.

6.) Leaving the 7C discord is considered quitting. If this occurs, you have 24 hours to join back into the discord to retain your current membership. Once 24 hours elapses you must start over as a new member.”

7.) All 7C affiliated members are entitled to the “OPEN DOOR POLICY.” The “Open Door Policy” in its essence, is an opportunity to reach out to a higher-ranking member with a question that can’t be resolved within their immediate chain of command. But still, hold the responsibility to report to the appropriate leaders within the Chain of Command. See Open Door Policy below. “NOTE: The Open Door Policy is not an invitation to join staff meetings, nor an invitation to be in a party of higher-ranking members without permission”.

8.) All 7C affiliated leaders are expected to display proper conduct, leadership skills, and a high level of professionalism at all times. “Note: Accepting a leadership position is a choice and privilege. With this in mind, understand that you may be asked to step down, be demoted, or removed from the position if it is deemed that an individual cannot handle the responsibility or no longer wants the responsibility of the job, rank, or title.

9.) All 7C affiliated members must maintain a professional demeanor and attitude during game-play, within lobbies, and while in party chats in order to represent 7C as a positive and respectful organization.

10.) 7C affiliated members are not permitted to be a part of any other clan, community clubs, or gaming organization while an 7C affiliate.

11.) Any member who damages or destroys any material or nonmaterial assets including intellectual property belonging to 7C or its affiliates, whether intentional or not, may be Prosecuted civilly or criminally to the fullest extent of the law. This may include reimbursement of any or all fees legal or otherwise.

12.) Members are encouraged to attend a minimum of 2 meetings, and two gamenights/workshops/sit-ins/social nights per month. Doing this will keep the community active. If a staff member cannot attend, please inform your crew leadership. Leadership may request more participation, but staff members are not “required” to do more than what their rank calls for.

14.) Any and all forms of hacking, software alteration, and illegal activities are strictly prohibited.

15.) In addition to the 7C Code of Honor, each of the affiliates or sponsors may have additional rules for their own members and requirements to join.


Rank Structure []

Rank: Sailor

Maximum per Crew: Infinite

Description: The beginning rank of 7ost Crew. All members of 7C must start at this rank and meet all requirements to hold an eligible membership of any capacity. Sailors are solely here to participate, network, learn, and have fun.

Requirements: 1.) Have Discord and join the 7C discord server. 2.) Not be a member of another clan for a minimum of [30] days. 3.) Be at least [18] years old.

Responsibilities: Participate, meet friends, network, have fun!

Classification: Casual

Rank: Rogue

Maximum per Crew: Infinite

Description: Responsible for training and recruiting members in and helping create a fun environment. The rank of Rogue requires friendliness and consistent participation and help organization of gamenights. 

Requirements for Sailor to Rogue: 1.) Must have been a Sailor for [14] Days. 2.) Must pass the 7C Standard Knowledge test.

Responsibilities: Organize Gamenights and train/recruit people within Crew, Assist Raider and Corsair in day to day activities, Know how to properly train an individual in., Help members meet new members and organize gamenights and activities to bring members together, Helps host socialnights Familiarize themselves with the Discord and how to navigate, Know how to send someone through courts.

Classification: Crew Staff

Rank: Raider

Maximum per Crew: 20

Description: Raiders are mainly responsible to host game nights effectively and assist others that would like to host game nights as well. Raiders must also assist higher staff in running the divisional faction properly. Because of their time within the division, Lieutenants should have a good knowledge of who everyone is. 

Requirements for Rogue to Raider: 1.) Must be a Rogue for 2 weeks 2.) Must obtain [2] Recruits 3.) [5] Train Ins 4.) [5] Gamenights Attended 5.) Must have attended/hosted a minimum of [15] Activities, [5] of them being attended workshops.

Responsibilities: Host a minimum of [1] Socialnight each week. Host a minimum of [1] Gamenight each week. Host/Attend Workshops, and Recruit Members.

Classification: Crew Staff

Rank: Corsair 

Maximum per Crew: 20

Description: Corsairs are in charge of operations of their appropriate faction. They are responsible to make sure that game nights are being hosted, supervise all Lieutenants and members. Corsairs must report any issues to their respective Crew Leadership. Corsairs can host Gamenights, Workshops, and other Activities. 

Requirements for Raider to Corsair: Must have been a Raider in good standing for at least [2] weeks. 2.) Have Hosted a Minimum of [20] activities [10] being workshops . 3.) Active within the Community Discord Server. 4.) Knowledgeable on all Operations of 7C.

Responsibilities: Host a minimum of [1] Workshop each week. Host a minimum of [1] Gamenight each week. Attend a minimum of [1] meeting each week.

Classification: Crew Staff

Rank: Buccaneer

Maximum per Crew: 5

Description: The main responsibility of the Buccaneer is to assist in overseeing all members within their respective crew and make sure that all duties are being carried out effectively. Buccaneers work alongside Captains to execute operations, meetings, promotions, and major events. 

Requirements: 1.) Have hosted a minimum of [20] workshops as a Corsair. 2.) Excel at being a Corsair for at least [2] weeks. 3.) Be in good standing with [0] Corrective Action Strikes for at least [60] days.

Responsibilities: Promote ELIGIBLE Sailors to Rogues. Help Captain make sure that Sailors and Rogues are active, following procedures, and doing their duties.

Classification: Crew Staff

Rank: Captain

Maximum per Crew: 1

Description: Captains are solely responsible to run their respective Crew with ease. These members have been through the ranks and are 100% familiar with the rules and know how the community is to be operated. Captains must oversee that everyone underneath them is doing their Rank Responsibilities properly and must enforce the rules if there are any issues and report them to their respective Barons of the Seas.

Requirements: 1.) Must be approved for promotion by Pirate King. 2.) Must have been a Buccaneer in good standing for at least [3] weeks. 3.) Must be in good standing with [0] Corrective Action Strikes for at least [60] days.

Responsibilities: Ensure all Crew operations are occurring (including Game nights, Recruiting, Promotions, Competitive Teams) – Ensure all promotions are meeting minimum requirements. Oversee Promotions. Work alongside Buccaneers to establish Weekly Activity and Meeting Schedules.

Classification: Crew Staff

Rank: Baron of the Seas

Maximum per Crew: 20

Description: This rank is reserved for Captains who have succeeded at operating a crew for at least [3] months with [0] Corrective Action Strikes, and have displayed great success with executing Operations. Baron of the Seas oversees all members of a crew, and Sit-in on as many Activities, Meetings, and Decisions as possible to offer knowledge, suggestions, and key information only established rank would be able to provide.

Requirements: Succeeded as a Captain maintaining a minimum of [100] members for a minimum of [3] months. Must have [0] Corrective Action Strikes over a [6] month period. Captains who have succeeded will be promoted by the Prince of Pirates and Pirate King.

Responsibilities: Attend a minimum of [1] Crew meeting a week, however, encouraged to attend as many meetings as possible. Host a minimum of [1] Crew-wide Game Night or Workshop a week. Must host 1 Event a week for the crew with advanced notice, and be announced at least 1 week prior to event. All crew LOA requests are submitted to a Baron of the Seas who will report to the Prince of Pirates and Pirate King at weekly meetings for approval. All Promotion Requests to Buccaneer must be submitted to a Baron of the Seas who will then report to the Prince of Pirates and Pirate King for approval. Most General requests and concerns will be reported to Baron of the Seas.

Classification: High Crew Staff

Rank: Prince of Pirates

Maximum per Crew: 1

Description: The Prince of Pirates is the second in command of the Crew. Their duty is to assist and learn from their Pirate King. The goal of Prince of Pirates is to eventually take over as the Pirate King and help grow the crew and its brand.

Requirements: Be an active Leader within the Crew. Be an active High Crew Staff member for at least 6 weeks. Must be voted on and approved by Senior Leadership. Recommended by Pirate King and Pirate Council.

Responsibilities: Oversees all Crew Staff. Attends Crew meetings. Attends Leaders Meeting. Issues strikes when necessary. Steps in for the Pirate King when needed.

Classification: Crew Leadership

Rank: Pirate King 

Maximum per Crew: 1

Description: The Pirate King is held responsible for the state of the Crew. The Pirate King is the main decision-maker and guide for their respective Crew within 7C. The responsibility to oversee all matters involving the members of their crew lies with them.

Requirements: Be an active Prince of Pirates within the crew for at least 2 weeks. Promotions to Pirate King must be voted and approved by Senior Leadership.

Responsibilities: Run their respective Crew. Attend leaders meetings representing their Crew. Promote/ Demote staff members within their crew. Keep active communication with their assigned Senior Leaders. Ensure all 7C policies are being followed by all members of their crew. Host Staff Meetings,

Classification: Crew Leadership

Rank: Pirate Council

Description: Pirate Council are specialized leaders that help with the specific backend production of 7C. They have the final ruling on all policies, cases, and overall community direction. This is a position of respect for continued positive leadership within 7C.

Requirements: Must be voted on and approved by the Pirate Council.

Responsibilities: Develop goals and programs to better improve 7C. Attend meetings. Assist in policy changes and court rulings. Be active within the community.

Classification: Senior Leadership

Rank: Ruler of the Seven Seas

Description: Ruler of the Seven Seas is responsible for ensuring all aspects of 7ost Crew are working effectively and efficiently for the betterment of 7C and its members. Ruler of the Seven Seas also monitors and guides the corresponding Pirate Council.

Requirements: Founding Pirate of 7C

Responsibilities: Keep constant communication with Pirate Kings, and Pirate Council. Develop goals and programs to better improve 7C. Host weekly meetings. Provide meaningful feedback and mentorship. Assist in policy changes and court rulings. Be active within the community.

Classification: Senior Leadership

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