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About Aus Ops Arma 3 'Chill-Sim'

Australian Operations Server

We are looking for people interested in Australian themed milsim operations.

Our mission

To provide a mature, fun gaming experience centred on tactics, communication and comradery.

Who we are

The Australian Operations Server (AOS) is a gaming group based in Australia/New Zealand. We run an Australian theme and use tactics based on those of the Australian Army. We encourage people from all over the world to join us in our Aussie server.

We play on a regular basis and focus on coordinated combined-arms operations. We set clear goals and missions as part of our ongoing campaigns and operations.

Our server is up 24/7 and many of us are online every day.

We have a culture in which we use milsim tactics, planning and teamwork, without needing to call people recruit or sir, or use any of the negative elements associated with milsim clans.

Respect and responsibility are earned. Effort and contribution make us stronger.

What do we do?

AOS members get the opportunity to broaden their skills across all areas of our game-play, or to focus on the key areas they want to play:

·        Infantry – The backbone of our operations. We roll and train as regular infantry, recon and special forces.

·        Armour– The infantry’s best friend. Our armour supports the infantry through deployment of armoured personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles and main battle tanks.

·        Aviation – Speed is vital. Our pilots use transports, scout and gunships get us where we need to go, provide information to leaders and cover us when we need it.

·        Leadership – Set the tone and lead by example. AOS members are given the chance to build their leadership skills and run fire teams, sections and combined-arms operations.

·        Signals – Communication and coordination are key to our play style. From platoon level to individual JTACs, our radio operators keep us moving in the right direction.

·        ACE Medical– Medics are an important part of our team. They are trained and relied on as key members of our group.

Why join AOS

We provide a stable, regular server in which members are given opportunities to contribute at all levels.

·        We run regular operations as well as daily pick-up games.

·        Members get experience in playing the game, as well as Zeusing and mission design.

·        We have an active group chat for sharing ideas and ensuring everyone knows when an op is going down and how they can join in.

·        We encourage creativity, participation and contributing ideas for building the group, the culture and missions/operations.

·        We do not restrict participation or opportunities. We will train you to be a well-rounded ARMA gamer with a breadth of experience across the game.


Conduct and expectations

We ask that members be 17 years or over. However, age is not as important as attitude and effort.

Prospective members can expect to actively contribute to a mature, reliable and respectful gamer group.


Our play is centred around The Project Uncut Australian military mod.

We also use ALIVE, Taskforce Arrowhead Radio (TFAR), the RHS suite and various other realism and quality of life mods.

We keep our mod list manageable and do not expect members to continually upload new mods.

Join us

If you are interested in joining, or would like to find out more:

·        Teamspeak - syd.streamlinegames.com:10022


Created on December 24, 2021

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