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About Zaulz

A Hypixel Guild / Clan

We are a Bed wars Hypixel group that likes to play, not just Hypixel but also plain minecraft survival. When you join, you can submit a request to be in the smp.

Their are certain requirements that have to be met before joining.

Requirements for the guild

1: Must be 100 BW stars or higher⭐

2: Must have common knowledge of the game 📖

3: Must reach 15,000 thousand guild xp every week (If not you get kicked, these do not count during holiday weeks!)

4: Be active in chat and In BW 🛏️

5: Have a good time or else 😉

Note: None of these rules apply to Staff

If you want to join the discord and the Guild itself Dm me at my discord



Created on January 7, 2022

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