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About Carnage Gaming

Carnage Gaming was established on 04/22/2021, for the sole purpose of networking adult (18+) gamers together. Join here to grow as a gamer, make friends, game with others who seek the same as yourself. Here, you create and control your experience.

For Semi-Pros, Pros, up-and-coming's, find others like yourself, in your league, above you league to learn off of. Help those below just by gaming with them, just enjoy it as you want! Got a team? Let us know and we will do our best to get you into a tourney of your skill set. Find the team here!

For the Streamers, self-promotions in the channels provided, as we seek to network, drive each other to higher numbers, to affiliate and beyond. Let us help with our own system that’s up and coming of social media to drive your advertisement, and run on those streams with friends, or whoever you may find around here!

Just a casual gamer? That’s alright, as most of us leadership are! We just want people to get together, be safe, and game in an adult environment. We range in games from one extreme to the next. Fancy some BR, set up a VC for some Warzone, Apex, etc... Running some survival? We have multiple servers up and running, such as 7 Days to Die (PC), Minecraft (Java), and Ark (PC, Possible Xbox, Possible PS). Help us, and yourselves, by having a say in the servers, as most are driven by the community, and can be talked and adjusted as we all agree.

Gaming isn’t for the one person, it’s for the multitude. Let’s get that mass together! We even offer board games, such as Chess, and are looking to set up D&D nights over the week. Game and grow as you want, in a troll and (as much as we can control) toxic free atmosphere! Come on over, check us out! Let’s get to gaming about!








Created on September 29, 2021

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