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About Death Row Gaming


DRG was established in 2017 and is a multi-gaming organization focused on building a gaming enviroment that embraces respect, fun, and loyalty above all else. Our community offers many opportunities for players to aim for their aspirations by growing as gamers, individuals, and leaders. We strive to be the community our members can proudly call their home, while also providing resources in which our members can better create and grow a network of friends.

"Loyalty above all else"


We are always recruiting and offering anyone to join our community as long as the following requirements are met by anyone seeking membership.

  • Maturity (18+ years old)
  • Have a working mic
  • Have access to use discord (phone, desktop, tablet, etc.)
  • Must be able to join Xbox Account


Now lets be honest we know Rome wasn't built in a day it took many years and with many like minded individuals, with that being said we promote a policy

that allows individuals to seek and create their home here in DRG. We want everyone to feel welcomed to have the same opportunity as others that joined from various other communities and create their mark and legacy in our home. If someone is interested in "creating" a new branch whether that be a game or platform we welcome all proposals and take them into consideration via an application. We want to provide opportunities for members to grow as individuals and leaders and what better way then giving freedom to voice ideas and even have the opportunity to create something that they can lead!


DRG has members that play on multiple platforms and games but our sole bas of operations currently resides on XBOX LIVE and PC


Thank you for taking the time and showing interest in our community we look forward to meeting lot of new and friendly faces and hope YOU choose to join our amazing community!


Created on November 17, 2022

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