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About Eclipse Gaming Syndicate

Looking for gamers 18+ to play with all around the world on all platforms and games? JOIN EGS TODAY‼️

💙 Who are we?

We are a gaming community established by 5 original owners in 2018. We took a slight break, however, we are now relaunching better than ever.

💙 Why join EGS?

- Social & game nights

- Events, raffles, & contests

- Leadership opportunities 

- Building personal and professional developmental skills

- Gaming with new people from all around the world

💙 Requirements to Join

- 18+ years old,

- Currently not in any other clan,

- Be willing to learn, grow, and game with us; meeting new people,

- Follow our rules and code of conduct,

- Must have a mic for voice chat, and

- Must join our Discord.

💙 How to join?

1. Submit an application on Clanhub.

2. Join the server.

3. A staff member will reach out to you shortly.

*If you have any questions or concerns just message me!: Eagle#0005


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RT @RecruitmentEgs: EGS Is Recruiting!! Hey there, we are looking for players to join our family. Must be 18+ with a mic. Message us here o…


Created on November 19, 2020

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