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About Going Rogue Gaming

Going Rogue Gaming’s Vision is to provide the world with the most organized, responsible, and reliable group of gamers available, while maintaining gaming's original aims of fun and teamwork. In GRG, we know that only by striving we will be able to reach our goals, and so we are driven to continuous improvement. We seek to better ourselves as people, as a community, and as gamers within the various games we play, hoping to reach higher every single day. Some of the best gamers worldwide are a part of GRG. A result of this community being so large and organized is the fact that we all stick together and play as one and keep good sportsmanship with other players. No one is left out and we look at ourselves as a large family who are still growing and bonding as ‘Brothers and Sisters’. 


Here at GRG, we run a new modernized structure like no other community ran like it before. No one is ever left behind and all members have opportunities to lead their own squad, division, team, and even departments within GRG as long as the GRG standards are being upheld.

Our organization is made up of very professional gamers who enjoy not only playing, but helping newcomers to all platforms. Our members keep a play everyday and enjoy gaming. 

We always make sure everyone is equal with GRG members. We strive to grow everyday and make sure our members feel like its their home when they jump online. Our leaders and members are working very hard to make sure we are marketing ourselves as a professional, friendly, and fun organization. 

Going Rogue Gaming’s main mission is to provide a gaming environment that is safe and fun for all involved, while spreading mental health awareness. Our aim is to display to the community an indivisible team of gamers that are mature, honest, open and respectable, united under the banners of respect and honor.


Created on January 31, 2023

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