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Sure just click on the apply now button on the page should get you in touch with someone to go over things with you!
6 months ago

Hey I was wondering can I join your clan pls I'm good at the game thank you
6 months ago

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About Helix Gaming

Welcome to Helix Gaming, a brand of Xiled, Inc.. Helix is here to bring the old-school clan experience to gamers. Helix consists of members that are new to the clan scene and veterans over the years. Helix Gaming is family oriented, and provides a professional, caring, and supportive environment for gamers. Helix was made to provide gamers with a haven they can call their home away from home. We welcome all types of gamers - competitive or casual - on all different platforms. 

Helix isn't just another gaming "clan" or "community", Helix is family. While most gaming communities have evolved to today's standards, Helix brings back the old style of gaming clans that people remember and enjoyed back in the day, let's say Halo 3/Call of Duty 4 or MW2 era. Most of our members are seasoned players and experience community leaders. 

So, why join Helix Gaming? There's a number of reasons why, but I'll give you the straight basics. 

Family Oriented. Our community is focused on the family aspect of gaming. We're not just some community that people come and go. We're a community that gets to know each other, looks forward to gaming with each other, always has each others' back. No matter how you look at it, Helix provides that atmosphere to all of its members and guests as well!

Experience. Our leaders aren't new to the scene. Our leaders have been doing this for many many years now, some over a decade. We bring that experience to Helix to keep everything professional and running at a smooth pace.

Enjoyment. At the end of the day, you can say that you've had fun & had a blast with our members. Meetings, game nights, tournaments, or just hanging out & grinding a new battle pass or season in a game, get together with your fellow Helix member and grind it out! #GetThatBread!

Helix also has departments available for members to take part in as well.

News Team - HLX News Team writes up articles on games, tech, and more that will appear on the Helix website. 

Design Team - Graphic designers available to make custom graphics for Helix members and for the community itself and its projects.

Stream Team - You a streamer? Show off your skills with the HLX Stream Team! 

That's not all. There's more that Helix offers!

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Created on October 25, 2022

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