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Welcome to INCORPORATION! To join all or most must be required

  • 13 or older
  • must play at least one of the games we play
  • Friendly, Respect others in the group (punishment if not)
  • When joined, must have INC or DMG in name (EX. DMG Rezzy or INC Rezzy)
  • Join discord or add on Xbox @DMG Rezzy (may be changed soon)
  • When we play games, have fun and try not to rage
  • Must play on one of the platforms

If you do not have discord or Xbox comment and you can join!

Are goals for each game are listed

Fortnite- We are trying to be a competitive duo, trio, and squad team. We will also be competing in cash cups in solos.

Nba2k21- We are trying to become competitive but we will need more members for that.

Warzone- Also trying to be competitive duos and squads

Spellbreak- We will play for fun and enter small tournaments

Roblox- Our relaxation game when we need a break from other games

We will also be making content on Twitch and YouTube once a Channel is setup for INCORPORATION!

Before going into anything competitive such as Fortnite, Warzone and 2k We will all be on a discord server and will be discussing strategy or just chatting.

Lets make INCORPORATION as big as possible and reach all our goals!


Created on July 5, 2021

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