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About Kaizen Syndicate

Kaizen Syndicate was founded April 20th 2022 by Cory Kaizen, and Stitch Kaizen 3

The goal upon creating the organization was and is simple. Never Ending Improvement in all aspects of Work, Recreation, and Life.

Kaizen Syndicate seeks to offer players and people around the globe a mature, safe sanctuary to gather, hangout, learn, and compete.

With 14+ years of previous clan experience, lessons, and growth the leadership team behind Kaizen Syndicate is equipped to do just that.

Skills We Teach


In the leadership course, we will teach you and show you how to have leadership qualities and how to become the best leader that you can be and how to handle all situations and successfully run your division and not micromanage.

Social Skills

We will assist you with skills and ways to be active and get your and fellow staff to maintain more interactive social skills. We will show you can properly handle situations, meaning, step by step, and proper ways and channels to handle them in.

Task Managing

In task management, we will teach you how you can properly manage tasks in a timely manner. Task management is a big learning ground and not only will it help you here, you can also use the things you learn in your everyday life.

What You Get


Kaizen Syndicate offers a haven for all gamers out there to feel welcomed and safe in a community where we can all gather as one and create history.


We offer our SIC Course to all members to learn about unique skills they can use in their everyday life.


In Kaizen Syndicate, we encourage all of our members to promote their social media within our community. 


KS merch will launch soon! We offer merchandise to not only promote our community but also to help our community prosper.

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Created on March 26, 2022

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