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About KSI Global Gaming Community


If your interest in joining KSI , and joining one of our amazing squads then come fill out this form and one of our recruiters will get with you as soon as possible:

KSI Global Gaming is one of the longest standing Gaming Communities, based primarily on Xbox consoles. Each of the letters in our community name represent one of our core values. K for Knowledge, S for Strength and I for Integrity.

Our main goal is to provide a positive social gaming environment, that brings people together based on a mutual love for gaming.

If you are interested in becoming a member of KSI, you can click on “Join Here!” on the heading of this page, or you can also follow this link to our forum site and fill out a Join Application. Join KSI


1: KSI upholds itself as a Positive gaming community and operates using the golden rule 

- treating others how you'd like to be treated. All members agree to abstain from toxic behavior or actions unbecoming of KSI’s standards towards both members AND non-members alike at all times.

2: KSI has a 0 tolerance policy for all forms of harassment, sexual harassment, abuse, racism, or sexism for any reason. KSI does NOT condone or tolerate sexual misconduct (especially towards minors) on any of our platforms regardless of state or country laws. Any members caught engaging in the actions listed prior are subject to immediate/Instant removal from the community per senior leadership. 

3:  In order to establish a safe gaming environment, KSI utilizes leaders or “officers” in every branch to assist in member education, enjoyment, and KSI policy enforcement. All members agree to respect and respond to these designated leaders in a timely manner. Officers have an open-door policy that encourages members to contact them with any questions, suggestions, or concerns.

4:  KSI is an activity-based community and relies heavily on our members' involvement. Any members who can not attend at least four KSI-related events (game nights, meetings, community events, etc.) per month without notifying the proper chain of command are subject to removal due to inactivity.

5: KSI members are not permitted to be a part of any other gaming clan or community besides KSI. This DOES NOT include in-game clans, guilds, or groups. 

6:  By joining KSI, all members agree to uphold the core values of the community (Knowledge, Strength, and Integrity), the Terms of Service of all community-used platforms (Xbox, Forums, and Discord), and follow all policies/procedures put in place by Senior Leadership.


Created on July 11, 2022

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