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About Libertas Legion

Do you want an international gaming community where you can express yourself however you like without worrying about offending others or being censored? Well then the Libertas Legion is the place for you! In the LSLN you will never be told to act a certain way or hold yourself back from saying what you want to say. We pride ourselves on being open to any and all viewpoints. We encourage genuine communication and connection free of oppressive censorship rules, or specific moral/ideological values. Primarily we love to joke around with each other and about anything and everything. We don’t take ourselves very seriously at all, and we don’t expect you too either. Remember when your parents told you to go out into the world and “just be yourself”? They were lying, but we aren't. Most people will claim they love freedom, but few of them actually live it. So if you’re looking for an active community who loves gaming, friendship, and never ending humour, then fill out a quick application on our website and see if we are the ones to finally end your quest to find a home.








- 18+

- Have access to Discord and a microphone

- Have a Steam account

- Be able to take & dish out jokes

- Respect unrestricted free speech & dark humour




- Q: Can I join just to play one game?

- A: Yes. But we encourage multigaming for the best experience.

- Q: I've been to similar clans, so what makes you guys different?

- A: Our community is made up of a variety of gamers and operates under our 'CUNTstitution' which is how we can maintain freedom with no one person or mod/admin taking charge of everything. Members are encouraged to connect with one another and kick-start their own activities/sessions or join in on those already ongoing outside of our community events. We’re the only gaming community where you don't have to fellate an admin to not get kicked out.

- Q: Do i need to be a skilled gamer to join?

- A: No. We are all equally worthless.


For more info or to join, come check us out at:

[Click me!]


Created on October 17, 2022

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