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We are a call of duty, apex and halo clan and community. We were formed in 2008 and have had clans that participated in gamebattles on mw2 bo2 gta and halo. We formed as a group of like minded gamers trying to have fun and build something with gamers that shared the same ideals we have. We grew and had splintered into several groups. We were a well known clan on mw2 and we plan to build back up to being a well known team on multiple games. We will have a competitive Halo team a competitive cod team both warzone and mw2 and a competitive apex team all of which will be competing in the hcs cod challengers and algs if you'd like to join apply or message me. We are looking to rebuild our clan and community to have both casual and competitive players coexist in a supports and fun community.


Created on November 15, 2022

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