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About Parallel Reality Gaming

Parallel Reality is an Xbox Gaming Community that focuses on what our members want instead of how many members we get. We are currently looking for individuals who wish to join our ranks and help lead our Citizens however, all our welcome!

Main Games: Destiny 2, Halo Infinite, R6 Siege, Apex Legends, Red Dead Redemption 2, and Conan Exiles

We offer:

- Access to our discord server upon joining

- Weekly game night schedules so there is always something to do (we play many games on Xbox so they change quite a bit)

- Fun and relaxed social environment

- To many of our members, we are their family and strive to keep that bond

- Opportunities to rise through our Medieval Ranking Structure and contribute more to our community than just playing games. Such as: Becoming a Guardsmen or Magistrate and running your own House of Citizens, making your way to the Royal Court and leading your Kingdom to success, and even Community Events team to help create and host events for PR!

- Members choose the House they join and can participate in events to earn their House points towards the yearly House Cup

- House clubs on Xbox so members can share their awesome screenshots and clips

Minimum Requirements:

- Working headset

- Must be non-toxic and do not cause drama (you will be removed)

- NOT in another clan or gaming community (PR does not poach or bribe anyone to join)

- Be social and willing to join parties and games

- Understand that you must earn your rank to progress in our community

If interested, please feel free to send a message to us here by clicking on the creator's name or fill out an application and we can meet and discuss further!


Created on March 21, 2021

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