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About Phantom Gaming Network


ABOUT US and Our Creation

Phantom Gaming Network Was Created to bring all gamers and content creators alike from casual to competitive together our owner and founder is a retired esports player with 5x LAN Wins who has been in the clan scene since 2010 and wants to do something different in the clan scene. In PGN we are family our sole objective is to make friends and help eachother grow and teach eachother.

In PGN we hold daily gamenights and Lessons where we can learn valueable life lessons that we can use in the real world. We want to help our members learn and become the best they can be.

We Have A solid ranking structure where our members can rise thru the ranks and eventually get to the top dog spot of a Elder.

We support all of our members from streaming and content creation to just casual or competitive gaming we showcase each and everyones Unique Abilities.

We Have

A Solid Ranking Structure

Divisons For You

Daily GameNights and WorkShops

Community Meetings Every Weekend.


15+ or 14+ if your turning 15 within 6 months

Must Have a mic and discord for communication

Xbox,Playstation,PC All Welcome!

If your interested in being apart of a growing Community and help us rise to the top of the clan scene then join our discord or message us on twitter to join today.


Created on December 6, 2022

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