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About Phoenix Rising

Welcome to PRG! We're an active clan/community that would love to have you join the family! With the owner having almost 20 years of experience in the clan scene, and some of our members also in the clan scene for a few years, we know how to run a clan, and with the clan being relatively new, there's always room for growth, improvement, and plenty of staff opportunities! We would like for you to grow with us!

We play several games, such as Call of Duty, Rust, Fortnite, Minecraft, and several other titles, and were always open to playing other games as well!

We also have reaction roles for the games you play, and we can always add games you do not see in the list to easily find other members to play games with!

We have a graphics team that's also looking to grow! They specialize in anything from profile pictures, to Twitter banners, twitch banners, brand design, and anything in between!

The link that we have provided is not directly to the server, but to the recruitment server, so we can make sure you meet the criteria needed to be in the community, such as your age (17+), your previous history in the clan scene, and to make sure you're not in a clan at the moment (this is for our safety)

So come join us and give us a chance! Come join our family today!


Created on February 19, 2023

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