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About PMS Clan

PMS Clan was founded in 2002 to create a safe environment and community for female gamers that promoted unity through active competition in ladders and tournaments. Since our inception, PMS Clan has provided a home for thousands of gamers over the last 18 years.

We are committed to raising the profile of the incredible women players through the creation of female and co-ed teams that can compete at the highest level and become this inspiration to others. Our name and tagline, “play like a girl” is a reappropriation statement that reinforces we can play and compete at the same level as others that dominate the landscape—as women. The future will have no need to define against harassment, advocate for recognition and opportunity and we’ll be proud to dominate as gamers.

Our PMS Allies (PMSA), formerly known as H2O Clan, organically arose in 2004 when others sought to be part of our community. We can't succeed at normalizing women in gaming without our allies. They are our friends, spouses, siblings, children, parents, sponsors, and others who are just as passionate about supporting diversity and inclusiveness. They compete with us, help us identify those who feel excluded, and champion our causes.

General Information:

Current Leadership: RaylaDevine PMS & Ovaryacting PMS

Current Games We Frequent not listed on this websites choices: Halo, Dead By Daylight, Gears Of War

We have weekly in-game events, daily streams, contests, tournaments and MORE!

Join our discord and become a part of our community at discord.gg/pmsclan

Visit our website at www.pmsclan.com/join to recruit into our community!


Created on October 20, 2020

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