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About Primal Gaming Network

Primal Gaming Network (PGN) is a newly formed gaming community with over 30+ members and counting! 

About PGN:

Primal Gaming Network was formed in March of 2022 when a few Former Leaders of a previous Gaming Community banded together to form much more than just a Gaming Community, they created a social environment where gamers can meet & play with other gamers around the world with the same interests.

PGN Requirements:

To join Primal Gaming Network we have a few basic requirements for you to meet.

• Must be 17+

• Must have a Mic

• Must have Discord

What We Can Offer You:

• Game Nights

• Casual Gameplay

• An Organized Structure

• Fun Member Created Game Content.

• Community Events/Tournaments/Giveaways.

• Active Discord Server Available to all Members.

Have Questions about our Community? DM us on Discord. We usually respond within 24 Hours.

Discord ID: PGN Global#0996


Created on April 7, 2022

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