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About PSG.JL-PixelSageGods-Jr-league team

Psg.JL is trying to offer people in the lower ages a change to play Rainbow Six Siege semi-professionally. We offer any ages all the way up until 17. We will host custom games for a chance of winning a special prize from one of the head leaders. The prize may or may not have monetary value to it. We plan on setting up a Discord room when we have atleast 10 people apart of our team. "What comes from joining this team?" you may ask. Well, the answer is that joining this team and becoming a member for more than three months presents the opportunities of 5v5 pro league games. What does this do? The 5v5's hosted by mods or owners, like already stated have prizes to the winning team. PSG.JL is a team that welcomes all Jr's! PSG loves new members and would like to have more in the near future.


  1. If you are found cheating or intentionally lying to mods or staff, you will be suspended or possibly removed from the clan.
  2. If you are found not to be under the age of 18, then we will be forced to remove you from the clan. However, soon we will be starting a PSG team that Jr's will not be allowed to participate in, so if you're patience then maybe you will be allowed a member of PSG
  3. Once we start the Discord server, if anyone is found toxic or unsportsmanlike to other members, we will have no choice but to suspend you.
  4. We will host 5v5's in the Discord chat, and the first ten people to join are the ones that will play, no bias opinions. However, if a certain member is found to have played in the last three games, they can't play for the next five.
  5. Team is not required to change their gamertag for this team.
  6. Have fun and remember, PSG for life!


Created on December 25, 2021

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