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Raccoon City Gaming


RCG is a community of gamers that play many games but that's the same as every other community out there you might say and you would be right.

But some stuff that we have that others don't, well the leadership in RCG is made up of Vets and people that have played together for more than 8 years. Damn thats a long time. We also have are own in house server hosting company! What's that mean for you? Well every game we want to host we can at a much higher level then most others. RCG even has its own Graphic artist and a Partnership with a Game Studio. Being apart of RCG as you rise thru the ranks from new member to the top of the list you well earn Awards with full on certifacts, Medals and of course bragging rights when you win in house comps as well as clan vs clan comps. Leadership ranks are open. So what do you say? Come join RCG today and never play alone again.

17 and Over.


Created on March 11, 2023

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