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About Reaper Society

The Reaper Society is a new Team established to provide a base of operations for those who play team based games and wish to play as a member of a Team.

Our players are tired of going it alone or playing with people who don't play the objective, simply team kill you for a weapon or a vehicle or won't communicate.

We support team/cooperative games. So if you're playing it alone, why? Don't like all the "requirements" or structures? The Reaper Society's only requirement is that you play at least once a week. And our structure is based on activity and administrative work (which members are not required to do). If you want to take on more responsibilities you can! If you just want to **** off some steam with some friends, you can do that to! The more you participate the higher your rank, but you won't be required to call anyone sir or ma'am.

The Reaper Society doesn't care about your skill level or kill death ratio. We host a variety of events that are aimed at improving all of those things (if you are interested in taking part). We are looking for quality over quantity, and that's mostly in the character range not your in game abilities.

If you are tired of just being a name or a number on a roster, I invite you to check us out at our website ReaperSociety.org

Players interested in joining the Reaper Society must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Have a working microphone
  • Have Discord
  • Be able to attend at least 1 event per week
  • Be a Team Player

Reaper Society - Fear the Reaper!


Created on October 25, 2021

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