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About Remnants of History

About Us

Established in July 2022, Seoulz & MaLvada RoH, created the foundation of RoH (Remnants of History) to be a place open to anyone around ages 10 and up. Our vision is that everyone deserves a chance to join a community and shouldn't be told "You have to be this age to join." The gaming community is open for all ages, whether they are new to gaming or veterans with tons of experience, we all started from the same line from start to finish. Giving them the opportunities and skills, to learn and adapt and be able to utilize their abilities to their full potential. Our community educates Leadership, Dedication, Teamwork, Communication and the Heart to commit. In our community we believe in the saying. " Ohana " It means Family, Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten. RoH also has another meaning. We remember to those who impacted our lives, from past to current and then to future. As many have walked and changed history, we do the same, we do our part to help others, educate them to always press forward and do good in the world. Teaching them the meaning of being a role model.


In our community we are always active on Discord, we will always respond and always give that warm welcome and good morning to help brighten your day. We will support you in anyway shape or form we can, to help pick you up on your feet. It's because were a family. We do Charitable events on stream and donations to help the community grow stronger together. Our main Donation we have done was for St. Jude's Hospital. We will also be doing merch soon. In our community we have the Main server which you will join, and we have the Competitive Server, if your into Competitive we have a Game Battles squad made, if you believe you are capable of making your own but don't want to join the RoH community that is always an option. To start somewhere and grow stronger as a team. Just make sure to notify the Competitive Head to make your squad and then you can wear your community tag as you play.  

What we can offer if you decide to join:


  • We do Community meetings always on Friday & Saturday, we believe everyone should voice their own opinion to help RoH grow into a community they want to see.
  • We have sponsorships, if your a streamer and want to help out the community we do donate our profit to Charities, so helping out the sponsorships also helps out someone in need.
  • Were a Universal community, meaning we have those in CST, PST, EST, WST, UK time. So, there will always be someone on to play.
  • We will have Clan ops operational once we complete the server.
  • We have a Graphics team on standby if you like to have a pfp (profile picture) made, and don't worry its free. 
  • We can also stream off your stream in our server if your a streamer or content creator.


Requirements upon joining:


  1. Ages from 10 an up are welcome, those who are underage from 16 - 10 we will need a parent's consent. 
  2. If your from Xbox, you must have 1500 gamer score to join. 
  3. For PlayStation, and PC you must at least have 1500 gamer score or equivalent to it.
  4. Must have Discord since it is recommended since our servers are on it.
  5. Must have a working microphone.
  6. Be able to adapt to changes to the rules, we do care about our members wellbeing so any Slandering or disrespect will get you kicked or banned from the community. Were all about having fun and vibing. 


Created on December 14, 2022

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