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About Riptide Gaming Community

RGC (Riptide Gaming Community) was founded on the basic principle to NEVER GAME ALONE. RGC was founded by 2 friends who shared that common feeling. They met sometime around 2010 and have stayed friends and community mates. As part of a larger community, they learned what it took to grow and the tools to not only survive, but to thrive. RGC is home to many different peoples from all over the globe who share the exact same principle, never game alone. Communities form bonds that last years, even a lifetime and that is what we all hope to accomplish. Clan mates are ok but a community is different: skill takes a backseat to fun, to excitement, to hanging out with your squad. As they grew older, they realized how things could change, be updated and made fresh again. On February 11th of 2022, BMF and Soul created RGC. With nothing more than a drive to start fresh, bare bones and from the beginning, and most importantly the ideals that are believed in, the Riptide train started being built.


Created on November 12, 2022

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