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About RoninxRebelsGG

We are Ronin x Rebels!

Ronin: a wandering samurai with no master!

Rebel: a person who rises in opposition or resistance !

We Have no Masters, we rise against those ideals!

Be free, carve your own path! Be a Ronin x Rebel!

Tired of the BIG GUY telling YOU what to do? Do you feel like you don't "fit in"?

Ronin Rebels has a place for you! RoninxRebelsGG is set to bring you an

unprecedented concept of wisdom and modernization!

RxR offers:

-A New Active Community

-18+ Mature Gaming Experience

-A 420 Friendly Atmosphere

-For Casual and Hardcore Gamers

-Unique Ranking Structure

-An Experience System with Levels

-Bounty & Rewards System For Special Rewards and Merch

-Weekly Social/Game Nights

-Events! (Tournaments, Movie Nights, and MORE!)

-Call of Duty and Valorant E-Sports Teams

Put in am application to join!

Latest Tweets

Got some stuff brewing up ! If you are looking for a Valorant team and are 18+ and a free agent join our Discord and mesg RxR Carnage. If your looking for a CoD team are 18+ and a free agent, join RxR and contact our boy RxR Monster! #RxRAllDay!

RT @merchmadesimple: If you are a comp player, or a twitch streamer dm us to become a #StreamlineAffiliate or a #StreamlinePartner! #twit…

RT @merchmadesimple: As the day comes to a close, we are super excited for the future! The launch has been nothing short of AMAZING 🤩! Neve…

RT @merchmadesimple: Our Brand is looking for 2-3 more designers to fill our ranks. Our design program for payout it top notch, and motiva…


Created on September 10, 2022

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