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About RoninxRebelsGG

We are Ronin Rebels!

Ronin: a wandering samurai with no master!

Rebels: a person who rises in opposition or resistance against an establishment or ruler.

We Have no Masters, we rise against those ideals! Be free, be a Ronin x Rebel!

RxR offers:

A new and active community.

We do Mc styles ranks and chapters instead of squads.

We have trimmed our ranking structure to be more inviting and easy to progress.

A Clan for the people that want more, to become a leader!

A Community side for everyone! A Clan side for the dedicated!

Weekly Social and Game nights.

This is just to start off with, we have much more to come as we grow!

Open Chapters:

RxR Yakuza (Multi Game most popular FPS)

RxR Braytech (Destiny 2)

RxR Parallax (Fortnite)

Msg me on Discord for more info! RxR GasMask#1265



Created on September 10, 2022

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