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About Squad 9

Squad 9 is an elite community of PC gamers that was founded in 2003 on Halo: Combat Evolved. We focus on team tactics, skill training, and playing to win on current FPS titles. Our members play both casually and competitively and our mission is to give members the opportunity to achieve more by committing themselves to the team and sharing in its accomplishments. We work together, we play together, and we win together.

​We have a vision of becoming a premier community that is reputable and comprised of players who want to re-experience the golden age of gaming as part of a close-knit unit that operates more as a team instead of a clan. The term "clan" no longer holds the same prestige it once did. The norms of contemporary clanning are something ~S9~ has no interest in emulating and we strive to stand apart and rise above.

We're strongly committed to our goals and our members.  ​Our highest aim is to set a new standard for what gamers can achieve. We welcome anyone who supports our mission and shares our commitment to teamwork and excellence.

What We Provide:

- Friendly and skilled teammates who have your back

- Flexible game nights: drop-in/drop-out sessions and formally-planned operations

- Comp league sponsorship for Modern Warfare and Halo: MCC

- Structured fireteams, ranks, awards, scrims, training, and rewards

- Engaged and accessible leadership who are there for you

- Opportunities to both lead others and develop your skills

- Support and incentives for streamers who partner with us

What We Expect:

- Mature, respectful players who are committed to the team

- Ambition to help lead or willingness to follow

- Ability to join and communicate on Discord

- A love for playing games that all our members share

How We Are Structured:

- Modified military chain of command

- Code of Conduct (our standing constitution for over 17 years)

- Command Staff (Commander, Executive Officer)

- Officer Corps (Admins who run each of the team's departments)

- Support Personnel (Moderators, Recruiters, Fireteam Leads)

- Members (5 levels of enlisted ranks with a clear path of advancement)

Our Goals:

- To become a leading FPS community on PC

- To host activities, operations, and servers

- To form elite and professional competitive teams

- To provide opportunities for members to develop their acumen as players and leaders


For Honor and Glory!


Created on January 8, 2021

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