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About Team Agard

Team Agard Accomplishments:

• Currently Ranked 2nd in the World in the Semi-Professional Region

• Finished 5th in the World in MLG: Champions Cup (Tournament for $500,000).

• $130k in total earnings (since 2018)

• 2019 Sector VII Fall Skirmish Winners

• 2020 Winter Royale Sector VII Winners

• NFBRA 3x Winners

• 4 players ranked in the Top 100 in Semi-Pro

• 2021: Heat II Fortnite FNCS (Semi-Pro Edition) Champions

What Team Agard Offers:

• Professional experience and opportunities

• Custom Scrim opportunities

• Opportunity at REAL EARNINGS

• Growth not only in skill but individualistic ideals, measures, and beliefs to achieve and acquire your long-term goals and successes.

• Leadership and managerial opportunities

Region: NAE/NAW

Team Agard Is a Fortnite/ COD: Cold War Gaming Esports Team

If this is for you, join our discord server to potentially join and conduct an interview session and tryout! 




DISCORD --> ( Please copy the link and post it in your search bar it will take you right to us)


Created on December 27, 2021

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