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About The Misguided Community


What started as some friends who loved gaming together, quickly became a community and family of gamers. We play a variety of games on multiple platforms, including the latest AAA titles as well as many co-op indies. From first person shooters, to online massively multiplayers, there's something here for everyone. We also play social games such as JackBox Party Games, Cards Against Humanity and Trivia.

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Rouge Energy

Custom Esports


We are fun, mature and structured - a tight-knit community that feels small and personal but large enough to make grouping up easy. Whether you're a casual or competitive player, we've got you covered. There's plenty of playful banter here.

We encourage and reward engagement but there is no purging or kicking of members due to inactivity. We understand real life, family and work comes first and we are structured to be accommodating. That being said, we are not recruiting people who are solely interested in acquiring twitch streamers, people who are peddling products, services or pushing their own website, and those that wish to poach members or advertise their own personal discord. These things are toxic to our community and will result in immediate bans. 


We exist all across the globe, but have our strongest presence in North America.


We are currently recruiting new members. We value social interaction and loyalty above all else.

Mature (16+ years old) 

Have a microphone 

Discord mobile and/or desktop 

Play on PC, PS, XBOX and/or Nintendo Switch

Readable Discord name (no special characters, invisible names or stylized letters)


Created on February 21, 2021

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