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About The Other Worlders

Welcome to The Other Worlders, a friendly and safe Discord server for gamers aged 17 and older! 

Are you looking for an inclusive community that loves gaming as much as you do? Look no further than The Other Worlders. Our server is designed to provide a welcoming space for all gamers, regardless of their experience level or identity. 

In our server, you'll find a variety of channels dedicated to differnt things to do, so you can connect with other players who share your interests. You can also join voice chats to coordinate strategies or just chat with fellow gamers. 

But our server isn't just about gaming. We also believe in fostering meaningful connections among our members. That's why we encourage everyone to be respectful and kind to one another. We don't tolerate hate speech, discrimination, or harassment of any kind. 

So if you're ready to join a community of friendly and supportive gamers, come check out The Other Worlders. We can't wait to welcome you!


Created on May 17, 2023

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