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About Toxic Gaming Korps

What are the Toxic Gaming Korps?

TGK is a gaming organization with a commitment to facilitating growth, purposeful gaming and fostering an open environment for all gamers. The philosophy of TGK incorporates The Underground, which cultivates camaraderie between members and heavily reflects the quote "May the bridges I burn light my way”.

How can I join TGK?

In theory, anyone of legal adult age may join TGK; however this does not mean they will always be accepted. TGK is a very exclusive online gaming community centered around comradery, freedom of speech, and underground gaming. As a result, we tend to recruit by invite only. While TGK staff loves to see new members join up and become part of the family, we will never put quantity of membership over the quality of those we allow in our midst.

   When a new recruit is granted a trial membership to TGK, they will join the Infected Korps. As an infected member of TGK, they will be introduced to our underground gaming culture. Infected members have been known to go through a trial period to test the mettle of those who wish to call TGK home. Becoming a member of TGK is not to be taken lightly, and few will receive a vote of corruption from their peers. Those who do survive their test of character however, find themselves a member of one of the most exclusive and loyal groups of friends the gaming world has to offer.

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What is your favorite modern Elder Scrolls Game?

We've got some big projects working over here at TGK, and we cannot wait to share them with our members. Growth, positivity, and progress is our mission.

@Venom_DNG @ClanThreadsGG @XiledInc Not quite. Your alliance logo however, is legally owned by us. We advise that you take your remaining brain cells, and go back to your den of thieves.

RT @BethesdaStudios: Today we celebrate 17 years of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, and what better way to shut close the jaws of Oblivion…

These are the chats between @TGKFROSTBITE and the graphics artist we PAID to create the logos that people are now taking credit for. You can see the order requirements, amounts paid, dates, etc below.


Created on March 16, 2023

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