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About Undead Empire Reborn

The Undead Empire Reborn is open! What is UER? Well Undead Empire was founded back in 2012 as a small school clan. Now in 2023 We are reborning it better then ever! UER is a military rank-based gaming community/clan founded with the promise that a gaming community should welcome everyone who participates in it. We're talking casual gamers who do not have any interest in moving up, experienced clan members who would like more opportunities to prosper, except in a different home than the ones provided to them, or even retired players. We try our best to meet the needs and interests of anyone on the spectrum within the gaming scene.

-We are a 16+ community, so anyone under that age will not be allowed in, when one of the officers or the leadership will message you and talk to you about your interests and various other things to get you into the squad/group that is right for you! 

-UER has weekly events for new members to get intrigued into! 

-Our Staff/officer positions are always open to the public! 


Created on March 6, 2023

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