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About United Interstellar Command

We are the United Interstellar Command (UIC for short). We’re a private military clan that operates on Halo Infinite, use to be on Halo 5. Instead of branches we use classes. People that join are expected to choose the class that fits their style (I.e. you love to snipe, you join the Scouts). But, you’re allowed to join any of them if you don’t wish to be what you usually play as. We will use a uniform; however, as of right now we don’t due to the lack of content for customization. What armor and colors we will use will come from the Season Passes. Most likely we won’t have a set uniform till Season 3.


  • We use a point system when it comes to ranking up within the clan. This goes from Private to Brigadier. Once becoming a Brigadier, members must continue through the traditional route of proving themselves to be worth promoting.


  • Halo Infinite
  • Join our Discord
  • 13 Years or older to join

Suggested but not Required:

  • A headset (preferably a working one)
  • Halo: The Master Chief Collection (for tournaments and possibility of doing more clan activities)


  • Respect all members regardless of rank
  • Be active
  • Be mature

Future Plans:

  • We do want to add other games to our clan, offering a wider selection rather than just Halo. This will all depend on our member count at the time and the interest in creating other divisions.


Created on April 20, 2022

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