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About Xero Degrees

Are you tired of playing alone? Xero Degrees Gaming (XDG) has your back!

We are a multiplatform gaming community built from the ground up to network gamers together no matter what their skill level or background is. Our innovative structure works top-down to match you with other players on the games you play most - even if those games are not popular in the mainstream. If you are interested in learning more about XDG or applying to join, both our discord and website contain a vast array of resources for learning more about our community, and we will be sharing the answers to a few frequently asked questions below.


Q. "How do I join XDG?"

A. All potential recruits are invited to fill out a join application. This can be done right here on Clanhub or in our official discord server (link above). The basic requirements to join are agreeing to the XDG Code of Conduct, joining our discord server, and being on good terms with all of our partners and affiliates (a full list can be found in the discord server).

Q. "Do I have to change my gamertag to join XDG?"

A. You do not have to change your gamertag to join XDG.

Q. "I'm not online during normal gaming hours. Can I still join XDG?"

A. XDG has players from every corner of the world. We currently host over thirty events per week at an interval of roughly every four to six hours to ensure that players on all timezones can get in on the action.

Q. "I'm more of a competitive gamer. Does XDG provide opportunities for aspiring eSports Players?"

A. XDG is always on the lookout for teams to represent us online and in local LAN events. Existing rosters may seek a partnership with XDG by contacting one of our official pages. Individual players are invited to participate in our Grassroots eSports program (grassroots is designed as a resource to assist up and coming competitive players with finding teammates, participating in online ladders/tournaments, and learning game knowledge).

Q. "Does XDG have an age requirement to join?"

A. There is no official age requirement to join XDG. Members are expected to be mature and civil regardless of age.

Q. "How long has XDG been around?"

A. Xero Degrees was established on November 22nd, 2017.

Q. "I'm not on Xbox Live. Can I still join XDG?"

A. While XDG was originally founded on Xbox Live, we have since expanded to all major platforms including PC, Playstation, Nintendo Switch, and Mobile Gaming.

Q. "How often do I have to play with XDG to be considered a member?"

A. Players who go more than fourteen days without attending an event are considered "casual members". Casual Members who go more than thirty days without logging into discord may be pruned from the server. Any member who is pruned from the server may rejoin at any time that they resume regular activity on discord.


Created on October 8, 2020

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