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About Zodiac Gaming Esports

ZGE's ambitions are the following:

➡️Be one of the top esports organizations.

➡️Become a household name.

➡️Compete on a national/world stage.

➡️Become a global esport organization.

➡️Become the biggest organization in content, gaming, and apparel.

Zodiac Gaming Esports was founded in April of 2021.

The goal here is to get players who are interested in joining a serious team. We are currently building the teams we have so we have plenty of player/staff positions available. We DO NOT bash each other here. We HELP each other. We have a set schedule for practice (set by the teams). We will always do our best to help the teams and make sure we can reach our goals. Reach out and I will send you the discord so we can either schedule a tryout if you're looking to be a player on the team or an interview if you're looking to join either the team staff or the organization staff. BEING AVAILABLE IS A MUST. Life happens but we need players and staff who have the time to commit.

These are the current universal requirements to join ZGE:

🚨Have a minimum of 1.5 KDR

🚨Be a serious player or staff member

🚨Have Great Communications

🚨Be ACTIVE on discord and in-game

🚨Have time to dedicate to Practices/Film Sessions/Scrims/Tournaments/Charity Events

🚨Talk to the entire organization, not just those on your team

We currently offer:

✨Daily Game Nights

✨Monthly Events

✨Quarterly Charity Drives

and looking to do so much more

We are currently looking for the following staff and players:

👀Chief Operations Officer (1)

👀Chief Financial Officer (1)

👀Marketing Director (1)

👀Marketing Staff (5)

👀Revenue Analysts (5)


👀Esports Assistants (6)


👀Team Members (5 COD [sub roster]) (10 LoL [main & sub roster]) (10 Val [main & sub roster]) (6 RL [main & sub roster])

👀Team Managers (1 per Team)

👀 Head Coaches (1 per Team)

👀 Assistant Coaches (1 per Team)

👀1-1 Coaches (1 per Team)

👀 Film Analysts (1 per Team)

👀Team Captains (1 per Team [LoL, Val, RL])

👀 Co- Captains (1 per Team [LoL, Val, RL])


👀Streamers (Unlimited)

👀Talent Scouts (1 per Team, 5 for the org)

👀 Graphic Designers (1 per team, 2 for the org)

👀 Video Editors (1 per team, 1 for the org)

👀 Social media posters (1 per team, 1 for the org)

👀 Event Team Staff (Unlimited)

👀 HR Officers (1 per Team, 10 for the org)

👀 Discord Mods (10)

👀 Discord Maintenance (5)

These are the games we are either currently in or looking to get into:

🙌 Apex Legends

🙌 Call of Duty: MW2

🙌League of Legends

🙌 Valorant

🙌 Rocket League

This is what we are currently looking for in both players and staff:

⭐Committed, Dedicated, Hardworking Individuals

⭐Non- Toxic individuals and those with little to no ego

⭐Speak, Type, and Understand English

⭐Individuals with Game Awareness and Good communication on the discord.

⭐Individuals that do not skill bash and are willing to help new players

⭐Have the ability to follow a set practice/film session schedule

**We are currently NA Based**


Created on July 8, 2022

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