Abberantics is a newly established Esports organization that's constantly expanding and looking for new members. Our goal is not only establish a serious competitive scene but also maintain a friendly and casual community where everyone is welcome!

We are a PC gaming community and competitive team that's accepting mainly NA players. If you are EU based as well we do accept EU players but do to our large NA player base EU players will have a harder time finding teammates. We welcome all players but we do enforce competitive age requirements which vary depending on the game's specific requirements. All casual members are welcome, and those seeking competitive opportunities can build relationships and chemistry with our members and apply with their team through our applications located within the discord server. All you need to do to be a part of the community is join the discord server with the link below and get processed into our community! We encourage you to join and be a part of our journey.

Our discord is where the magic happens! We offer events such as:

Community Game Nights

In-House Tournaments

Competitive Scrims

Game-Specific LFG Chats


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