Hi there! Nice to meet you!

I'm Mediocregirl!

I've been in the gaming community world for about 4 years. Although I am still a fresh face, that means fresh ideas and values for a more modern gaming clan!

I started my journey in MPN and quickly rose in the ranks to become the first female board of director in the 12 years they were opened.

When it was time for me to spread out, grow and learn more, I found myself in IVIilitia. I learned a lot of helpful tools from the original founders there, and grew from member to Owner, Board of Director and CEO of IVIilitia, also being the first female in the years they were opened.

I'm passionate to the point of lunacy as most friends describe me as. If I have an idea, I'll do anything to accomplish. Now, after a long overdue time period, I'm finally running my own server at OSG.

I share the owner position with my most trusted friends, and we're excited to bring this new idea and new environment to the gaming scene! Our goals aren't to be the biggest, or the baddest. Our goal is to create a home for all those gamers searching for a place to be accepted and participate in creating a non-toxic environment!

Casual | Free Agent
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