Team Eurus is Recruiting Staff

Ever wanted to be a Staff member of a great organization with big plans? Look no further than with us here at Team Eurus! We are currently in our Pre-Launch phase, meaning we’re only really looking to fill our staff roles as much as humanly possible before we launch in around 1-2 weeks! We currently are residing on great leadership and a great upcoming staff team!

How are we different than other communities?

• We have eliminated the “Military Ranking Structure” as a whole and went to something easier to understand.

• We do not offer squad splits, too many communities do this and have one squad die out or they have members who don’t know they can play with other squads from the community.

• We are looking to become a business/organization but offer a community side to those who aren’t into a business side of gaming!

• We are offering multiple meetings at different levels that our ownership team will be organizing and at! Including a whole community town hall at the end of each month to see how everything is in the community!

If you have any questions, comments or concerns feel free to myself a DM and I will respond to you when I have a chance! If this interests you, feel free to join up and submit an application to us via our #become-a-member tab! Hope to see you there!

Team Eurus’s Discord:

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