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Xiled Syndicate Closes

In 2018 when Xiled Syndicate was formed the clan scene was a much different place. There was a lot of turmoil and harmful activity amongst clans of the scene. Policies such as Blacklists kept players secluded and DDoSing was at an all time high. The need for Networks that gathered smaller brands and gave guidance was becoming a popular trend. It was then organization Xiled Gaming Network decided to launch their own Network called Xiled Syndicate that would house smaller clans and allowed share resources for growth. Fast forward to 2022 and many of the clans Xiled Syndicate helped are no longer members of Xiled Syndicate. Some have died off, others have gone their own route. Regardless with XGN being the only gaming community inside Xiled Syndicate the decision has been announced by Mr XGN (Former President of XGN and Current CEO of Xiled Inc) and Orion the current President and Owner of Xiled Gaming Network that Xiled Syndicate will be closing it's doors. As some may see this as bad news or sad, the leaders are very excited for this transition back to an "XGN First" vision and are focused on bettering the experience of it's own members moving forward. However XGN will maintain a strong stance and relationships with core partners such as Hydra Alliance, KSI Global Gaming, Clanhub and Kaizen Syndicate. Below are what each leader had to say. Mr XGN: Hello Xiled Gamers, First and foremost I would like to take a moment and say thank you to all the Xiled Gaming Network members that has made Xiled Syndicate the premier multi-clan coalition since 2018. Upon launching XS we had 8+ successful years of taking a very XGN first approach. Myself and Senior Leadership at the time felt it was our obligation at that time to share the success we had been blessed with. Since launching Xiled Syndicate has fostered a safe and inviting environment for players and clans to gather, share resources, and be better. Many clans have left the walls of Xiled Syndicate to explore their own success, techniques, and goals. The truth is our clan scene is not like it was once before. There is peace, and greater unity larger than any clan network. And the only clan making up the Xiled Syndicate network is founding member XGN. After many conversations with Xiled Gaming Network President and Owner Orion, and his discussions with the leadership of XGN. The desire to return to a XGN first community is desired. Xiled Gaming Network has poured resources into the clan scene for 4 years and the scene has benefited and prospered because of it. It is now crucial Xiled Gaming Network evolves, expands, and reaches new heights. In this bitter... yet sweet moment we are excited to announce the closing of the Xiled Syndicate coalition and the full return of the Xiled Gaming Network branding. Thank you to all members, staff, and leadership for your contributions to so many clans. It's time to return home. #TheRoots #LongLiveXGN #OneXGN
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