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Sony Acquires Bungie In $3.6 Billion Deal

Written By: XiledJessi7 We all know Bungie, the studio who brought us Halo & Destiny. In January 2022 it was announced by Sony Interactive Entertainment that it would acquire Bungie studios. After having run as a standalone LLC since 2007, as of July 15th it is now an independent subsidiary under Sony. Bungie's acquisition by Microsoft back in 2001, brought us a majority of the Halo franchise. When Bungie split from Microsoft in 2007, Bungie remained the developer of Halo up until Halo: Reach, however Microsoft retained the intellectual property of Halo. When Bungie partnered with Activision Blizzard in 2010, their agreement was that any new intellectual property developed by Bungie would be owned by Bungie, maybe as not to have a repeat of Halo. Bungie brought us Destiny in 2014 and released cross-platform, but after terminating their deal with Activision in 2019, they have retained all rights to the Destiny franchise. Bungie expanded their firm in 2021 and opened their first international office in Amsterdam earlier this year just after the Sony acquisition announcement. Sony is in no way trying to take over Bungie and their success. This acquisition is Sony’s investment to help expand the work on Destiny and other projects that Bungie has planned. Not only that, Bungie will help Sony in the expansion into live-service online games. Clearly with the amazing success of Destiny 2, Bungie has this expertise under their belt. Who wouldn’t want this same success? As stated by Bungie Chairman & CEO Pete Parsons, “we remain in charge of our destiny”. Bungie will continue to publish and creatively develop their games. “Our games will continue to be where our community is, wherever they choose to play.” This further drives home that even under the Sony Interactive Entertainment banner, the Destiny franchise will not become a PlayStation exclusive. As much as there is the big “team Xbox” and “team PlayStation” argument, this shows us that companies can come together for the game. It’s exciting to see where this partnership between Bungie and SIE will go, hopefully this will bring us some exciting games over the next few years! Check out the initial announcement from Bungie’s Blog:

Discord Voice Comes to Xbox!

Written By: Xiled Jessi 7 The moment that we really have been waiting for is finally upon us. It has just been announced this week that Discord Voice Chat has been rolled out to those on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One! As gamers we have always had the issue of getting into chats with everyone at the same time. "John is on PS, so there's that", "Casey is on PC at her dad's and doesn't have her Xbox with her." Not to mention the fumbling that needs to happen with either the phone or the PC to use Discord voice chat while gaming. With the newest update, Xbox and Xbox PC users will now be able to jump in a Discord voice chat with their cross platform friends after connecting their Discord account to their Xbox account. *Note that if you've connected accounts before, you need to do it again to allow new permissions to connect.* Once you've connected your accounts, make sure you have the Xbox App downloaded to your phone if using mobile strictly for Discord. Once you're in your voice channel of choice, make sure you select to transfer the voice chat to your Xbox. Even direct messages and group DMs will be supported on the Xbox once transferred. So far, this feature has only recently been released for testing to those who are 'Xbox Insiders'. Wider release to the public will roll out later this year. Being able to use Discord voice chat directly on the Xbox will be a game changer. Especially for cross platform games, or even for times where you'd like to play, but don't want to leave your non-playing friend behind. This update will even allow for easy toggle between the Discord voice channel and Xbox game chat. Be sure to check out this article on the Discord Blog for some finer details about how to connect:

Reasons & Benefits of Joining A Gaming Clan

Reasons to Join a Gaming Community Written By: XiledJessi 7 Gaming, a way for people to escape the reality of everyday life. A stress reliever, a way to meet new people, something to accomplish. But why should a person really play alone all the time? I mean I get it, there are totally introverts out there that “just aren’t a people person”, but at some point it must get tiring to be alone when gaming. Maybe there is that boss you can’t beat, you Google some help for it, but sometimes words aren’t as great as talking to someone who has been through it themselves. The better question, why should you join a gaming community? Friendship: A gaming community brings people from all walks of life together. No matter your background, language, job, lifestyle, everyone can find a bond over their favorite game. For those who find it tough to “find friends in real life”, can often find it easier to make friends through gaming as it removes the pressure and anxiety of face to face conversation. More times than not, the friendships made through gaming communities, do cross over into “real life”. I use real life in quotations because those who are not in gaming communities or those that aren’t gamers, don’t see what we have as real life, but…it’s still real life. Not only do we make friends over the love of the game, but we make friends bonding over the same common interests. Heck, people even form relationships. I’ve seen people who have met through gaming communities get married, have kids, build a life together, and STILL game together. Skills: There are two types of skill involved with joining a gaming community. The first, skills within the game. Whether you are playing a shooter, racing, battle royale, even a game like Minecraft, all of these games involve some type of skill. Being part of a community, and playing with other gamers, you bring your skills to the table, and even learn a new set of skills in game that you may not have known before. The second skill set is a bit different however. Different gaming communities may have some type of “rank structure” for better organization and running of the community as a whole. Within a designated rank, there may be a set of obligations that you are asked to fulfill, with the overall goal to help grow the community. This set of skills that comes to you is a pathway to leadership. Within a community you may be asked to lead a group, host events, even other community related tasks. The experience of these tasks can bring new leadership skills to you, that you may not have had before. It is most certain that these skills will cross over into your daily life, and even help you to be better organized, or even help you in your daily work. Growth: Joining a community, there comes a period of growth. The growth starts and continues with you. You begin to grow as a gamer when you learn new skills, conquer new achievements within the games you play. You grow more when you decide to share your skills with new friends, and other gamers by community game nights or even by streaming. The community grows more when you bring other gamers and friends to join. Your community grows even further when you become a leader and a positive influence to fellow members. The gaming scene grows when your community is successful, and has a positive influence as a whole, attracting new members for the future down the road. There is a cycle I feel, where as a gamer you never stop improving. You never stop passing down knowledge that you’ve gained. Whether it’s every game that you’ve played, every stream you’ve watched, review you’ve read. Once you’ve joined a community, you gain a better sense of family, and understanding for others. The cycle keeps on through friendship, skills, and growth.

5 Tips For New Clans

Hundreds, if not thousands, of clans are forming each day across all gaming platforms, from casual communities to intense, skilled based Esports teams. Players are joining clans and it's confirmed daily that gaming is better with friends. However, of the many clans formed each day, most do not survive over 12 months. How come? Clanhub has compiled a list of 5 easy tips that every clan can adapt to and use. 1.) Networking - For most video game clan history, there has been a fierce rivalry between clans. Many clans also developed harmful anti-networking policies, such as Blacklists, to prevent members of one clan from communicating with another. Gaming is not supposed to be restricted, and the more you can network and collaborate with your peers, the better. Cross-clan gamenights, socialnights, and events are all core aspects of collaboration intending to better the experience of the player. Not to mention the prospect of collaborating on Content Creation and Media Sharing/Interactions. Truly, the strength and key to success are numbers. The more players members can interact with and share their passion for gaming with, the happier they are. Happiness is retention! 2.) Persistence - I have a saying in the clan-world. “Alot people are dope, they just quit too soon.” Meaning that there have and will be many clans formed that have amazing concepts and techniques, but they give up on the vision before it becomes reality. When I formed my first clan ever, if I would have quit the first time something went wrong, then I wouldn’t be here today writing this article on this platform. Many times, your clan will undergo turbulence, regime changes, and even hardships. It’s important you remain focused on the reasons you created your clan to begin with, and that you keep calm and keep going. 3.) Belief - Believe in your vision, believe that you will succeed. If you expect players to get behind your vision and your clan, you first must believe. Express your passion for growth to your members. Paint a clear roadmap with goals for success and work alongside your member-base to accomplish them. 4.) Lead from within - No player wants to be a member of a clan where the leader simply barks down orders and sets expectations without assisting the members themselves in completing the expectations in question. There is a major difference between a Leader and a Boss, a leader will inspire their peers with their own dedication and actions. 5.) Have Fun - The number one mistake most clans make is by creating a workp[lace atmosphere inside their clan. A clan to the majority is a hobby and an escape from the burdens of life. Do not make your clan experience like a second job without pay. Create a safe but exciting environment to grow, share, and enjoy. Your clan should resemble a sanctuary vs. an office space. No matter how far you go as a clan, or what hardships you undergo, never forget to have fun. And that’s Clanhub’s 5 Tips for NEW Clans, so together we can start applying these tips to better clans for today and the future. After 14 years of clan experience, this may sound simple, but I must practice them every day. Thank you for reading and we hope it helps!
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